About me

I’m Nadine Gilg – a photography & filmmaking enthusiast from Austria.

I’ve been taking photos and videos for so long, I don’t really know when it started. Now I am a mom of 3 and try to fit as much of my passion for photography & filmmaking as possible into my schedule.

I have been sharing my knowledge of photography, videography, social media and everything useful for content creation on my YouTube channel since mid-2021, while I tend to share more private things on my Instagram account @shotbynadi.
As soon as we can all really travel again, I will also include the topic of travel vlogs into my channel. After all, that’s why I originally created my YouTube channel for years ago.

learn – create – inspire is the principle of much of what I do. I am always striving to learn new things and create photos or videos that help memories to last! And it would make me really happy if someone feels inspired to try new things because of my work.

Let’s connect!

Kooperationen: hello@nadinegilg.com

Instagram: @shotbynadi
Youtube: Nadine Gilg